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Professional copywriting

Writing good text is a gift. Writing terrific text is a skill and it's one which we know quite a bit about. With several in-house writers we are able to supply copy for just about any project you may have; from a technical brochure or marketing campaign to SEO-compliant web content – we have it covered. All you need to bring to us is the story you wish to tell. We have the skill to tell it in whatever voice is appropriate. 

Sometimes you might have a message to convey but aren't sure how to say it. Relax. We know how to write it. Perhaps you have some text which you got from the internet or which Janice in the office rattled off one afternoon (as you had a deadline to meet) but it needs tweaking. No problem. We can harvest the core message and sculpt those words into a lean, mean, communicating machine. Perhaps you need your autobiography copy editing and proof reading. We're on it. These are all things we've done a thousand times before. We know how to use an apostrophe and when to not split an infinitive. (See what we did there?). Call us. Let us be your very own scrivener.

Translation services

Thanks to our connections we are also able to offer full translation services from Chinese to English as well as English to Chinese. If you need educational or trade documents translating, or if you require marketing or transaction communications drawing up; we can help. We can also assist in trade and import/export transactions including advice on legal implications. Get in touch today to find out more.