Grand designs

Design runs through our veins and has done since the very beginning. It's a passion, an obsession and its disciplines steer everything we do. You see, design is simply a process of creating order out of chaos, beauty out of random and the harnessing of individual components or problems and forging them into new entities and solutions. We're very good at that, even if we do say so ourselves. Not because we are braggarts, but because we are very proud of what we have and can achieve.

It's not all about 'pretty pictures' either (though we can do those as well if you like!) - it's about crafting something which meets a requirement, is fit for purpose and is just what you're looking for. That might be an umbrella printed with your logo, a flash drive with your website on, a range of display boards and pop-up exhibitions or it could just be a fancy layout for your latest product catalogue. In other words - we're puzzle solvers, and we love it.

If you've got an idea but don't know how or where to start just make an appointment today to get ONE FREE HOUR with a designer to get you started. It doesn't get better than 'free' (plus - there's no obligation either. No hard sell. We just want to be sure that you find what you're looking for). As we're offering a free hour long, personal session with a designer for free to new customers; why not give us a call to book an appointment today? We also supply FREE coffee or tea with every visit. What's not to like?

Of course you can also browse our range in the on-line shop

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