Thinc Green

Thinc Green is our commitment to the environment. It is a Team Purple core value.

Global responsibility

Inc Dot has always embraced the principle of acting locally and thinking globaly, long before it was a meme. Our founder, John, was a passionate supporter of Greenpeace and the work of pioneering environmentalists from back in the day.

Now, more than ever, each business must have a clear vision of the impact it has on the environment and we are proud to reveal that we have international recogition for our efforts.

All the paper we source comes from sustainable, managed farms (no paper ever came from trees felled in the rain forests - they are the wrong kind of wood). Our inks contain no toxins and our stock contains no dolphin-poisoning bleaches. We are very strict about this. We have to be – we're registered with several bodies which make sure we do the right thing.

If you demand that your print is endorsed by the industry leaders in environmental repsonsibility just let us know. We can ensure that it is stamped with the appropriate endorsement.

A sustainable future

The world has a challenge on its hands. We have to lower our carbon footprint as temperatures continue to rise.

The global population is increasing and consumer demand is going up in line with the growing middle classes. Urbanisation continues at a rapid pace and consumers’ needs are changing in our digital society.

ISO 14001 (which we hold) sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.