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Promotional items

Modern business needs colateral backup in any arena and our range of merchandise fulfils that need. Our aggressive buying power means that you can get the products you need at a price which will make you smile. On top of this: we have design and marketing experts who can advise on every aspect of the production and look of your branded items. 

Promotional items

It's safe to say that you can pretty much print on anything these days - the technology exists to allow us to put your name, brand, website, contact details or message on just about any item you choose. This is brilliant news for business as it brings a whole shopping basket of goods to the marketing table to help you grow your efforts. From a sporty backpack to a tablecloth, from a fountain pen to wallpaper (yes: wallpaper!).

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Application specific gifts – Soaring Dragon

Sometimes we all need something 'special'. We're used to 'unusual' requests. But, with our Far Eastern connections, we can often source the unusual at very reasonable prices and with little effort. Once again, the emphasis is always on design and branding and we can ensure that the very highest standards of production and ethical manufacture are observed at every stage. So. What are you looking for? There's a very good chance that we have a supplier on our books who can customise or personalise it for you.